Anikka Abbott is a health reporter and weather anchor at Cronkite News on Arizona PBS. She is expected to receive her Master of Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in December 2019.
Farmworkers face major challenges when it comes to access to health care, but the Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center, or SEAHEC, is working to improve health care for farm workers with a unique solution.
A Peruvian woman opens her arms to Venezuelan refugees fleeing turmoil in their home country.
With more than 700,000 Venezuelan immigrants fleeing to Peru, Peruvian cities are strained. There is little the government can do, but there is hope in education. Read more borderlands stories at Video by Annika Abbot/Cronkite News
International Women's Day should be a day of strength and empowerment. For Venezuelan refugees in Peru, it's anything but. Read more borderlands stories at Video by Annika Abbot/Cronkite News
Alleyway spaces are often wasted - dismissed as places for trash. Murals of Phoenix sees the beautiful potential in these spaces, creating the Oak Street Alley Mural Festival.
Since 2015, Ron Blake has set out every day to tell his story of survival and spread awareness about sexual assault.
Katie Mabry survived abuse and stalking by her ex-husband. Now a speaker, she shares her story. Featured: Katie Mabry - Survivor Doreen Nicholas - DV Response Manager, Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Zeina Elqadah - Victim Advocate, ASU Edited and produced by: Anikka Abbott Videography by: Anikka Abbott, Grayson Schmidt, Megan Boyanton, Nathan Hiatt Produced as a part of our graduate enterprise project at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, ASU.
Last week, Arizona legislators approved a drought contingency plan in a tri-state agreement. You may not see a difference in your own water at home, but you may see a difference at your local farmer's market.
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Matt Winkler goes from table tennis champion to owner of Table Tennis & More in Phoenix, Arizona. Mini documentary produced by Anikka Abbott in 2018.