Visiting Arizona State University

This year, I took a leap into the unknown. I decided to apply to graduate schools for broadcast journalism. More on that in a future blog... stay tuned. Over the past month, I've heard back from three of those schools, all acceptances. (HOW???) Last week, I visited one of them - Arizona State University!

For posterity, I decided to document my visit in a vlog! Plus, it might come in handy to look back on when I'm making my final grad school decisions.

Overall, my experience with ASU has been much more amazing than I ever anticipated. I mean, I wasn't even expecting to get in in the first place. But, the staff has been more than accommodating with answering all of my questions, welcoming me on campus, and making me feel like a true 'Sun Devil.' Who knows, maybe I'll officially be a Sun Devil come August? 

Take a tour with me!

Did you attend ASU? What was your experience like? Share with me in the comments! Help me decide!