The ULTIMATE Packing List

Too many times, I've stayed up until midnight the night before a trip packing my bags. Too many times, I've arrived at my destination a few items short. (My sister is a pro at packing last minute - I didn't get that gene.) Recently, I got smart and started putting together a packing list. With some editing over the last few trips, I think I have finally come up with the foolproof packing list.  

I got the idea to put together my own packing list because of pageants, believe it or not. At the State and National pageant level, they usually provide a competition wardrobe packing checklist for you. This way, they know you at least have everything you need to perform onstage. 

I've attached my own version of the ultimate packing list for you to use! If I'm going on a trip and I don't need something on it, I just cross it off. For the most part, I need to bring everything listed. Not included though are items that come standard in a hotel, such as towels. If you're traveling to a hostel, they might not provide towels for you and you might need to pencil it on to the list. 

The Ultimate Packing List

Happy traveling!