First Day of School Fashion!

I have been a bit lax about keeping up my weekly blog. Between changing jobs unexpectedly and subsequently packing up my entire life to move to grad school in a different state, I just couldn't find that work/life/blog balance. Now though, I'm committing again to my weekly blog! Except this time, I'm adding a long-requested addition: fashion. 

On several occasions, friends, classmates, and coworkers have told me I should start a fashion blog. I've always been passionate about fashion, but never thought I was great at putting outfits together until recently. See, my mom used to model and instilled a love of fashion in me since I was a kid. The problem is most 10 year olds are not impressed by your September vogue cover inspired first day of school outfit. They mostly wanted to follow the trends on teen-Nickelodeon. I never seemed to be on-trend, and therefore thought I was not-so-great at fashion. This feeling carried on until my early twenties. Because of that, I developed my own sense of style - mostly classically inspired with some influence from trends.

Therefore, that's what this fashion segment of the blog will be: a weekly outfit showcasing my own style. You may not always see the newest trend on Instagram, but I want to wear things that will look amazing FOREVER. The goal is to look timeless. 

Since I'm starting this new venture on my second day of school, why not start out with showcasing my first day of school outfit!

brick dress.JPG

I decided to wear a Leith brand dress from Nordstrom. This dress actually has been wildly present on Instagram for a while, but I love how flattering it is. The ruched front and mostly cotton fabric hide any imperfections. It's okay to get a food baby in this dress! The cotton/polyester blend make it super comfortable and somewhat stretchy. 

As a redhead, it's hard for me to wear shades of orange. Because this dress is more of a brick color, and not a straight orange, it works with gold accents. I paired it with a longer gold chain necklace because of the high neckline. I also added a gold cuff bracelet and geometric gold ring. I wore light gold sandals because I was attempting practicality with a 15 minute walk to school. If I was going out, I'd probably pair it with a gold or brown heel. The brick color lends well to gold and warm earth tones rather than silver. 

I decided to wear a dress for my first day of school since I am in a professional program. I didn't want to show up totally casual, but I also didn't want to show up all-business. I decided to take a light dress, appropriate for 100 degree weather, and dress it up with accessories. 

Sidenote: my school bag is a striped grey and white Madden Girl backpack from Nordstrom Rack. It's mostly functional, except that it doesn't have an outside pocket for my water bottle - an essential in hot Arizona! 

What questions do you have about fashion? What do you want to see on this part of the blog? Let me know in the comments! I will be back (consistently now) with Monday vlogs, Thursday blogs, and Friday fashion. Thanks for following!