School Spirit Fashion!

I couldn't do a fashion blog without throwing in a little school spirit. Tuesday night, I went with my grad cohort to ASU night at the Diamondbacks game. I decided to share with you what I wore! 

ASU Sun Devil

ASU Sun Devil

Anytime I go to a sporting event, I try to rep the team logos. Since I am now a *neutral* journalist and since I also don't own anything not Washington-sports related, I decided to rep my school logo! I mean, it was ASU night after all...

This look is really basic. It just consists of a logo tee and short jean shorts. I bought this shirt at the campus store the day before the game. I chose it because I liked the creative ombre font and the fun yellow color. I'm starting to embrace shades of gold, yellow, brown, rose, and brick. I'm finding that earthy, warm tones are okay for redheads, even though I avoided them for years. This shirt actually is quite long and loose. I decided to fold it under, tie it in a back pony, and tuck it under. It gave the illusion of a tighter tank. This way, I wouldn't look like I was wearing a really short shirt dress, when in reality I was wearing shorts too.

The shorts are from Express. I find that Express pants fit people like me really well - those of us who have some curves on the bottom half, but a smaller waist. I've never had that awkward lower-back gap with them!

Since it was a sporting event, I did wear some white Keds. But, you could easily match it with sandals, tennies, Toms, or any casual shoe. You could also choose to add some fun earrings. Maybe something with fringe or bright colors! 

School spirit doesn't have to be ordinary. Many colleges have so many different styles in their campus stores now. You're no longer relegated to a unisex white cotton t-shirt.  Get out there and show some spirit!